DWR Round semi-automatic labeling machine

Semi automatic labelling machine

The DWR ROUND semi-automatic labeling machine for cylindrical products allows the application of self-adhesive enveloping or double-sided labels.

This ultra-compact tabletop machine answers your search for an economical solution for small productions. It adapts to your glass, metal or plastic containers, whatever your sector of activity: food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, chemicals, detergents.


  • For labels up to 300 mm wide.
  • Maximum label reel diameter 300 mm.
  • 2-line LCD screen and 7 function keys.


  • For containers from 20 to 130 mm in diameter.
  • Programming of up to 40 work programs.
  • Very fast format change.


  • Up to approximately 900 vials / hour.


  • Inkjet marker for writing data of your choice.

DWR Round semi-automatic labeling machine in pictures