Dosing process

Dosing process

Our dosing process solutions are ideal for the automatic dosing of all your liquid raw materials 

Our story started with the invention by its founder Yves Luce of a water dosing system for baker's mixers. This patented system is still used today in baking.The machines are sold under our brand STOPPIL PANIFICATION. It has since been adapted to industry for production processes requiring the dosing of liquids


  • Equipped with volumetric or electromagnetic or mass flow meter
  • Electronic control via a color touch screen
  • ISO, flange, sms or clamp connection


  • for liquid dosing from 500 ml
  • Dosing valve with flap or diaphragm 


A machine adaptable to all types of products :

  • Alimentaires (eau, huiles, vinaigres...)
  • Chimiques (alcool, solvants...)
  • Cosmétiques (texapon...)
  • Pharmaceutiques (glycérine, osmotic water, demineralized water...)


  • ATEX version 
  • Stainless steel compatible version for corrosive products
  • Stainless steel frame mounting
  • Printer
  • Automatic management of the recipes via an HMI 

Dosing process in pictures