EB 3000 Capping machine

EB 3000 screwing machine

The EB3000 automatic single-head capper from Stoppil is suitable for all closing systems: stoppers, pumps, caps, ...

It is the logical extension of the STOPPIL automatic filling machines to equip your line.


  • Structure in 304L stainless steel
  • 10" or 15'' color touchscreen
  • Automatic drop off of caps
  • Automatic feed of caps by conveyor
  • Programming up to 100 recipes
  • Management of the tightening torque by brushless servo motor


  • For containers from 50 ml to 20 liters
  • For all types of caps
  • Memorizing the tightening torque
  • Checking the tightening torque


  • 700 to 1200 caps / hour depending on the application


  • Vibrating feeding bowl
  • ATEX version
  • ...

EB 3000 Capping machine in pictures